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    PPro CS5 and SD editing


      Will the new mercury engine

      have a significant effect on editing sd footage?

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          TradeWind Level 3

          "Significant" effect? No, probably not...at least that's the short answer.


          The long answer is...it depends. If you're only running a single core processor and 2 GB of RAM but you have a MPE certified card installed in your system, and you are editing 2 or 3 layers of DV footage, then the additional assistance from MPE will probably be noticeable.


          If, however, you're running something more like a quad core with 4-8 GB of RAM, then the card probably won't make a big difference. MAYBE if you're editing 12 simultaneous layers of footage....MAYBE.


          I guess you could boil it down to this...the MPE concept is designed to make editing HD footage on modern systems as effortless as editing DV footage was on systems a few years ago. The marketing point is that MPE can utilize those specific certified graphics cards to lend a hand and do some of the heavy lifting.

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            shooternz Level 6

            Here is my thoughts (guess) on it.


            I would expect a gain in SD but...the fact that one can only get the MPE in CS5 and in a 64-bit environment may make it difficult to measure.  There should be significant gains just from  the level of hardware required for CS5.


            I have read that there is significant gains in realtime CS5 FX/transitions.   I can see no reason why that does not apply to SD FX/transitions as well.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              From my readings, things will improve across the board, but the biggest gains will be in certain HD formats. Whether we could tell if there is an increase in SD processing will be clouded, by exactly the factors that you cite. We cannot break things out, with any degree of certainty, but overall improvements should exist.


              Just thinking,