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    CrossDomain.xml file location in Websphere for Flex Webservice Call

    ShannonODonnell Level 1

      I need to make a webservice request from Flex to a web service running  under Websphere Application Server Express (on an iSeries if that matters...).    I cannot quite figure out where to put the crossdomain.xml file to allow the security to work.


      It seemed that it should go under the context-root which would be a path like this on iSeries:


      /QIBM/UserData/WebSphere/AppServer/V61/Express/profiles/WASPROFILENAME/installedApps/TheSe rver_WASPROFILENAME/ServiceNameNameEAR.ear/ServiceName.war/WEB-INF


      Because in the EAR file (well, the subordinate WAR file actually) the equivalent to a standard HTTP server /www root is  "/WEB-INF".


      However, having the crossdomain.xml file there still results in a security error.  I have also tried moving it to several other locations and of course, stopping and restarting the Websphere server each time.


      I also found another post someone else had made on Adobe a couple years ago (


      )  about this problem and they never got a response there so I'm hoping I get a solution anyway now.


      Can anyone help me with this?


      Thanks in advance!