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    Well... Should I Upgrade From CS4?

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      I got CS4 about 18 months ago. I am not a video pro. I have made a few videos for popular music tunes to be shown on YouTube.


      I have looked at the Adobe New Features blurb and it seems to have mostly new things for pros and not too many specifics on the things -I- was hoping for so I'm wondering if someone could clue me in on the following improvements:

      1. More editing conveniences. For example, I found it -very- tedious to do things like copy titles and clips. I wrote back then:


      "For example, in most DAWs you have a choice to make a 'ghost copy' vs. a 'real copy' in the timeline. ie. you can choose whether each clip is it's own 'footage' or if duplicating a clip simply creates a 2nd reference to the same parent 'footage'. Can one make a 'real' copy in PrPro in one step?"


      2. I also was hoping for more key commands for various things.


      3. I wonder if there are any new effects? (Sorry, but I'm all about eye candy)


      4. Performance improvements? even if you -don't- have a 'Cuda'?


      5. Improvements to Titles?


      6. Ability to import MOD files -directly- from my Canon HD recorder?


      7. Anything else?





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          shooternz Level 6

          You shouldnt upgrade because you have not discovered the potential in the CS4 Suite yet.


          Spend your money on some lame fx plugins instead for some instant gratification and maybe on some decent hardware if you have performance issues.


          BTW - read up on sub clips and key board customisation and maybe spend a bit of time in AEFX if you need some advanced titling also..

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            TradeWind Level 3

            Hey JC,


            I'll go down the line...


            1. "More editing conveniences."
              • Honestly, I couldn't tell you for certain in regards to the kind of conveniences you mentioned. I have seen a few demonstrations and I have noted some new ways of working around the timeline, but it's all vague right now (and there's not a great way to know yet what the final version will have)
              • as for copying footage in the timeline...well, any copying and pasting you do in Premiere Pro is independent of the source footage on the hard drive (not sure if that answers it for you). On the timeline, any clips you copy and paste are still tied to the original project item in the project bin. However, if you duplicate an item in the project bin, those two project items - while still tied to the same source file on the hard drive - now are separate entities and can be treated as individual items (separate audio source channel mapping, separate footage interpretation, etc). Any clips created from separate files in the project bin work as any other separate clips...the instances of those clips on the timeline become separate entities as well
            2. There are new keyboard shortcuts available. I don't know all the specifics, but again, this will be fleshed out quite soon. Some new (or recently returned) shortcuts already listed on the Adobe site:
              • Export Frame
              • Extend Edit
            3. There's the Ultra keyer, recently re-added to the suite from CS3. As for other "pop/zoom/bang" effects, I doubt it. These are honestly very seldom used by the typical Premiere Pro user. There are 3rd party solutions available for this sort of thing, most are fairly affordable NewBlueFX has some of this kind of stuff. It makes more sense for Adobe to include things like keyer utilities rather than heart crossfades. You might also want to check out Digital Juice...they have TONS of eye candy of all kinds, including transitional elements, motion graphics packages, etc.
            4. Mercury Playback Engine offers performance enhancements on all systems, it's just a totally different way of acheiving playback. The GPU utilization, however, is the BIG deal for MPE. Another major performance improvement is the migration to a fully 64-bit application. That's huge as it is.
            5. As for titles, if you have the Creative Suite (recommended) with Photoshop Extended, there is a new 3D extrusion capability in Photoshop that you can use to create some fantastic 3D titles with text, graphics and so on. These titles can be saved as motion PSD files that can be directly imported into Premiere Pro. Even better, you can import them into After Effects and use the lighting and other 3D tools in there to futher manipulate your titles. Talk about your eye candy! As for Premiere Pro's application titler, I doubt there are any major changes...perhaps some stuff under the hood, but nothing mentioned about it in any of the write ups or demos.
            6. I know that Premiere Pro has probably the most extensive list of natively supported filetypes of any NLE out there. Recently added is support for the Nikon, Canon and Panasonic DSLR cameras. As for your Canon HD recorder, I don't know. I'm guessing that .MOD files are some type of QuickTime variant....? If so, it should work already (even if it's not a recommended format, it "should" work).
            7. Anything else? Here's the list of "new" and "enhanced" features as of CS5: http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere/features/
              • There are other new/enhanced features in Encore CS5 and OnLocation CS5 (both of which are bundled with Premiere Pro whether you buy the suite or just PPro standalone). Check http://www.adobe.com/premierepro for more information
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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Here's the CS5 help file re keyboard shortcuts and customization.


              http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premierepro/cs/using/WS1c9bc5c2e465a58a91cf0b1038518aef7-7c2ea .html


              But here is CS4; you've got plenty to work with already.




              Then again, you may want to upgrade just to get the new (again) export frame option.  I'm still CS3, and that was one of the things that helped me feel okay about not upgrading that round.  This round, the main factor is finding the money to build the new PC I know I'll need.  Still doing primarily SD, so I have trouble finding compelling reasons to upgrade that's not part of an upgrade to HD.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7



                Initial testing has shown a 40% performance increase over CS4, many improved features, like the single icon press to export a still from both the SM and PM, the inclusion of Ultra, the addition of many supported formats and utter stability.


                The whole development team has been listening very hard to remarks, BR (bug reports) and FR (feature requests) all the time and the job they have done is outstanding.


                This is the best release ever.

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                  Suntower Level 1

                  Wow. You're not usually so effusive. *The lobster dinner @ Adobe offices must've been -great-.






                  *About a year ago you mentioned something about a 'dinner' as a reward for people on this forum who had the highest # of 'points' for being helpful.

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                    Suntower Level 1

                    Thanks for the replies. A bit unrelated but I just watched the video for PS in CS5 and on that basis alone I -gotsta- upgrade. The new healing and background removal bits are almost with the price of admission alone.



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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      One drawback: CS5 does not support MOD-files.

                      But does Canon have mod-files? I thought that was JVC.

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                        FelixUnderwood Level 2

                        Oh, and let's not forget that if you're not on a 64-bit Operating System, then you have to upgrade to one. That adds a significant cost and labor issue...

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                          Suntower Level 1

                          You -have- to? It's incompatible with XP 32?



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                            Suntower Level 1

                            That's not a dealbreaker... Several utilities for conversion. But it sure woulda been nice considering the SQUILLION hard disk cameras out there. I know people think they're cheap, but they work for me and the omission just feels like snobbery.



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                              shooternz Level 6

                              You do have a 64-bit machine , dont you?


                              CS5 PrPro is 64-bit only

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                                FelixUnderwood Level 2

                                Yes, it is incompatible with XP 32, thank God!