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    Does flexunit support remote run?

    wymnj Level 1

      Can i deploy the flext application and test cases on one machin, but run it on another machine?(the flex application is hosted on a web application)

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          wymnj Level 1

          Seems i can not see my discussion in the forum list....

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            mlabriola Level 4

            FlexUnit tests run in Flash Player or AIR so wherever you can run those, you can run your tests. Like all apps written for this platform, they are client based, so it doesn't matter where you might keep your tests, if you run them in a web browser then they are run on the machine with the browser regardless of where they are hosted.


            I am not sure if I am answering your question, so let me provide more detail. If you want to run them on a remote machine, that is fine, you just need a way to launch player or AIR from that machine. We are just a unit test framework and the needed extensions for continuous integration. If I am interpreting your question correctly, it seems like what you want is a way to do remote procedure call. In other words, from machine A, I tell machine B to go run some tests, which run on machine B.


            If that is the case, no, we don't support that internal to the framework as there are plenty of solutions free and paid that do a better job of RPC than we could.. we just provide the testing framework. However, this is possible, you just need to use more than just our pieces.