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    Has Adobe Updater ever worked properly?

    Birck Level 1

      I'm not trying to dump on Adobe here, but Updater, unlike every other Adobe product I use on a daily basis, has never successfully updated anything on my computer. It shows up like an unwanted guest, squats on my monitor, and then does absolutely nothing for hours, if I allow it. All my other Adobe apps integrate with my system and work seamlessly; not Updater. I can go to the Adobe site and download the updates I need, but it would be nice to have something do it automatically. The current incarnation can't seem to manage the job(I'm trying to avoid calling it names here). Is there anything I can do to enable Updater to reach its full potential? I have experienced this same issue on both my G5 PowerPC, running OSX 10.5.8, and on a new Intel iMac running 10.6.3.