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    File export locations not being saved

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      Hello -


      I'm hoping someone may have some ideas that can lead me in the right direction here. For about the last 6 month I've had trouble with the file export locations in Fireworks not beig saved. That is, when I export a slice and take the time to navigate to a folder 6 clicks away  it doesn't save this choice. I may need to export and test the look of various slices in a web page 50 times in a day and it take me a crazy amount of time to navigate so many click every other minute during the day. Sometimes it remembers just fine, and other times it doesn't.


      Any ideas?




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          Michel Bozgounov Level 2



          If the Fw PNG file is saved after performing the export, then the location where you exported the slices should be remembered, I think.


          Are you on Windows? If yes, I may have an easy solution for you (workaround), and this doesn't apply to your Fireworks workflows only!


          1) Grab DirectFolders - a totally free small app - http://www.codesector.com/directfolders.asp


          2) Install it. Then it easy - using this app, you can make sort of "bookmarks" on your computer and access any folder anywhere with just one click. I use the app daily. This speeds up my workflow a lot. Example: You work on a lot of projects that are located in:

          D:\Web Design\My Projects\

          - simply open this folder in Windows Explorer, double-click inside (or middle click) and the DirectFolders mini-menu will appear. "Bookmark" this location. Then, suppose you work on a specific project which is here:

          D:\Web Design\My Projects\Project One\Graphics\

          - navigate to there and "bookmark" it too.

          Then let's say exported images (slices) for this project are located here:

          D:\Web Design\My Projects\Project One\Graphics\ExportedSlices\

          - bookmark this location, too.


          And so on.


          Now, double-clicking (or mid-click) can be made inside Win Explorer or any Open or Save As dialog, in any app! Including Fireworks.


          So simply do the following: Open your PNG. Export. In the "Save As..." dialog just double-click or mid-click and the DF menu will appear. Select any of your preferred locations -- like:

          D:\Web Design\My Projects\Project One\Graphics\ExportedSlices\

          and you'll be there in one click! Then export your file.


          You can have as many "bookmarks" as you need, and you can switch between various locations on your computer with just double-click and then simply select where you'd like to go! That's it! Locations can be added, removed and re-arranged.


          This helps me with Fireworks and with other applications...