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    APE 7 best file format to share for later upload to YouTube?


      i capture on a Canon FS11 in standard definition widescreen PAL an use adobe premiere elements 7.  i generally trim clips and put a title on, maybe adjust the sound level before uploading to YouTube.


      Occasionally I have internet connection problems when sharing from APE7 (eg due to slow or intermittent wifi) and it hangs.  Or i edit clips when out and about say on a train and have no reliable upload at all.


      So I would rather share clips to save on my hard drive and then upload to youtube manually later when hooked up to a stable wired commection.


      What is the best format/settings to save/share to my hard drive that will achieve best qaulity when uploaded to youtube and converted there.  I am aware there is a trade off between quality and file size and i should like to find the best compromise with a smallish file size.


      thanks for your help in advance