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    Create additional pages on checkbox


      Ok, its 0417 and I have not found what I am looking for, so please forgive me if this is a duplicate post...


      I have a form that has a huge field for a narrative. What I would like to have happen is a second page say, a narrative continuation page, appear at the bottom of the document (i.e. a 2d page) only when the user checks a box. Hope that makes sense!


      Now, the tricky part.... Page one is all set up, and done. I have the second page created and have some duplicate fields globally linked. Will it matter that the second page looks different from the first, or is that even possible? I am all new to this creating part of Adobe... Until yesterday I was only an end user hahahaha.


      Thank you for your help!

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          pguerett Level 6

          Why not just have the expandable field flow onto the 2nd page as required? Why do I need the checkbox?



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            cwisebaker Level 1

            Sounds like the ideal solution. Now, with the other fields at the top of the second page, how would I accomplish this? I apologize, I am 100% new to this.


            Would the narrative box simply expand as needed or will it always have a second page? I am trying to eliminate having tha second page unless required.


            Thanks for the quick response!

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              pguerett Level 6

              It will only expand to the second page as needed. have a look at the Dynamic Purchase order sample that ships with Designer. The comment field is one of these fields. Enter enough information to flow beyond the page border.


              Designer install ditectory/Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2\EN\Samples\Forms\Purchase Order\Dynamic Interactive\Forms



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                cwisebaker Level 1

                Awesome! Thanks, I will give this a go...



                Ok, after looking at this, I tried to mimic this, but apparently I did something wrong. Then I tried to simply copy and paste the comments section into the form I created and it still didn't work. Any suggestions, I'm stumped...


                Also, how will this look on the second page? I need to keep the same header information from the first page in the same place on the second page, kinda like a mirror image.