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    How to create a Dynamic UI that can work as a Graphic builder


      Hi Guys



      I have a requirement here


      There should be a Graphic Builder ...........like the way we see our Flex Builder


      But this should be a web application with the following functionality


      Lot of widgets on your left panel like say meter , cricle, chart, line graph etc. All this would be a different flex widgets(say compiled swf file loaded separately in the main application


      On the right Panel there would be dash board where they can drag and drop this above widgets and create a separate page like dragging a chart. user would be given option to configure the points for chart ....................and the data for the live chart would be feed from the backend



      Now I am little confused to how to go about ?


      Creation of separate widgets is ok ?

      Creation of applcation with this widgets is ok

      Giving an option to drag and drop , configure is ok ?


      But the main thing is that If we have to save the pages created by different user ? What is the best way to do that ? Do we use xml to save the customized widget pages including the UI layout information like widget Graph at coordinate x= 120 and y=56 etc etc then parse these xml to get the Layout back and putting the widget back to their location as the way the user created those pages



      Any suggestion ..................