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    Three basic flash questions


      Hey guys,


      I am pretty new to flash but I am kind of getting the hang of things. I am trying to create a interactive slideshow in flash that will not end up on the web. These are three quick questions I currently have. Thanks for any help you can provide


      1. Let's say I have an icon of a person in my flash file, how can I make it so that when my moves rolls over the person a thinking bubble appears and when it rolls off the bubble disappears?


      2. If I have a small image of a page version of a .pdf file in my flash file, how can I make it so that when the little .pdf page icon is click the .pdf file is launched?


      3. I understand how to create a square button over text and mess with its up/down/over/click settings, but I am wondering how I can do something like change the color of the text when it is clicked or when the mouse is over it? Right now I only know how to change the color of the square button.


      Thanks so much for any help you can provide with these basic questions.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1.   the easiest (but not the most extensible) way is to use the _visible or visible property to show and hide the bubble


          2.  use getURL() or navigateToURL()


          3.  put different colored text in your various button "frames".

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            1. If you understand what you say you do in your 3rd question, create this icon as a button and have the thinking bubble in the Over frame.


            2.  You need to create the small image as a movieclip or button so that you can assign code to it.  The code you assign depends on whch version of actionscript your file will use, which you haven't mentioned.


            3.  If you are working with a Button symbol, you probably just need to spend more time playing with them to understand how you can make use of the four frames.  To change the text color on rollover you would have a different colored text in the Over frame.  If you want to have the text change color and stay that way when you click the button, then you will need to create the button as a movieclip.  Button symbols cannot be controlled that way (exception for AS3, but it's not straightforward).


            The key to answering most of your questions and to learn Flash is to play with Flash and see what works and what doesn't.  Try different tutorials as well.