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    Refreshing Data Services - valueObjects


      I'm having a problem refreshing the data services created by the Flash Builder wizard.  In particular i cant get the application to refresh the valueObjects when i make changes to the database schema.


      I'm connecting to a mySQL database hosted on my local machine, i can edit the service.php file and add code/function blocks.  These appear as part of the service when i hit refresh but the valueObject does not change so that if i add a column or change a data type the service does not recognise this.   If i right click on the service or the Data Types -> Value Object and select configure return type as was suggested in other forum posts all i get is an alert message "No Operation Selected", "Currently no operation is selected in the view".


      How can the valueObject be updated to reflect database schema changes?

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          I'm having the exact same problem using BlazeDS on the server side, fwiw. Creating the service picks up all the service methods and data types. However, subsequent changes to data types aren't recognized. My only work-around is to delete the service and re-create it. Gets somewhat tedious as the projec grows, as all data management and paging config then has to be re-done, type for type. This bug is still there for me in FB4 release version.



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            I'm having this problem as well. The only thing I found after hours of searching on the web is this topic.

            Is there allready a possible solution I haven't found yet?

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              Marcvz Level 1

              I found a quicker way to update then delete en recreate.

              If you update the php service class and you hit refresh the changes are recognized by flash builder.
              Now you select the getAll method and configure the return type.

              Select auto detect. Hit next.  Select 'Use an excisting data type'. Select the right datatype in the dropdown and hit finish.

              That's all. It would be nice if FB could update the generated services itself when you make changes to the DB scheme. But doing it this way makes it ok form me.

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                SujitG Level 2

                Hi All,


                Solution suggested by Marcvz is the way to go.




                Thanks for your suggestion. Can you please log an enhancement request here https://bugs.adobe.com/


                Thank you.

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                  with FB4 and wsdl going to microsoft servers i have had no luck with any refresh or getAll. For any changes to the schema I have to delete the services and valueObjects in FB4 / Package Explorer. Then go back to Data  /  connect to data service / wsdl and bring in a wsdl with a slightly different name even tho like I said i just clobbered the service from FB4.


                  This is because somehow in some cache or someplace fb4 thinks the service is still there.


                  so for instance i was pointing to http://dbsvr/greeter?wsdl .... i would regen the wcf service with a slightly different name such as greeter02?wsdl  then as I type that in the URI fb4 thinks it is not already in the project and allows its import. whereas if i tried greeter again fb4 would bark and not allow it as it would say the service is already present !


                  make sure you keep a copy of your subclass source code that you modified that derives from *super* in services so you can cut and paste it in.


                  the whole thing takes about 5 min now for each change which is certainly better than flirting with coding against the *super* classes.


                  the whole microsoft wcf and FB4 scenario is becoming quite smooth for those of us who only know MSFT on the back end such as C# and msft sql server / stored procs as opposed to you LAMP stack fellows