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    Merging 2 livecycle forms



      I have 2 documents that I can open separately in Livecycle but I would like to turn them into one PDF form (and I cannot merge them in Adobe Pro since they are XML). How can I merge them in Livecycle?



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          pguerett Level 6

          You woudl use LiveCycle Designer to do it......but be careful if there is any code on the 2nd form you may break it when you combine the two forms.  Open the two forms in Designer, then go to the 1st page of the 2nd form. Hit Ctrl-A to select all objects. Then copy and paste into form1. repeat for each page in form 2. Doing this will change the strucure of the 2nd form so check that all code still has proper references.



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            carojvi Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.

            When I do this the fields get pasted onto the 1st page of form 1 and I can't add a new page to paste it onto, the option is greyed out. Part of the problem may be that neither form was created completely in LC to begin with... I was hoping there was a simple 'merge' or 'combine' button...

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              pguerett Level 6

              Ah ....it sounds like you are trying to merge onto an image PDF. That is a PDF file that was brought into Designer without fields as an image then the fields were layed on top. You will not be able to accomplish what you want with this type of form, unless you go back to the siurce documents and merge them there then create the form.