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    Trying to share 720p output only gives 4:3 output options?


      I'm using a Canon T1i (yes the infamous .MOV format) with PE8.01 and am definitely a noob! I've been digging through the various Canon discussions but haven't seen this particular error mentioned. I was able to import the 720p .MOV clips and do edits and a few transitions with seemingly no problem. Yet when I go to SHARE to computer (I wanted to stay in 720p), everything goes to 4:3 instead of the original 16:9. Am I missing something obvious?


      I thought I could also Export the clips as an AVI after rendering them on the Timeline, but the Export function is greyed out, even though the red line turned totally green after the render.


      System: custom i5/750, Win7/64 Premium, separate system + 2 Raid-1 2TB data disks, ATI4670 video.


      Appreciate any thoughts, references, insights.