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    Adobe Flash Player Security

    Craig Grummitt Level 3
      has anyone else had difficulty and making changes to global security settings, and found a solution?

      i've been working on flash remoting code with netConnection in AS3. this works fine when i compile normally, but when i debug, i receive an Adobe Flash Player Security window telling me to 'let this application communicate with the Internet, click Settings." This leaves a *** Security Sandbox Violation *** error in the trace window.

      So if i click settings i arrive at a Global security settings page - this was set to 'Always ask', and I've changed this to 'Always allow'. To be sure, I've also added the file location to trust.

      After restarting my computer to be sure, attempting to debug my app arrives AGAIN at this Flash Player Security window, though this time if you click Settings, the Global security settings indicate 'Always allow'.

      I've tried this on THREE computers - the same thing happens(though on one, Internet Explorer had difficulty even displaying the Settings page, and kept requesting Flash player to be installed even though it was installed - Firefox displayed it okay and i was able to adjust the settings.)

      Anyone with any ideas how i can force Flash Security to 'allow' this swf?

      Thanks in advance, gurus!