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    Flash Builder 4-Adobe Application Manager


      I installed a trial version of Flash builder, but everytime when I want to open/run it it gives me this error: "Adobe Application Manager is needed to run this trial, Download the Adobe Application Manager from www.dobe.com"...I searched for this to download but I cant find it. Can anyone please assist, send me a link where I can download it, if I have to download it to make it work.

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          Try this (assuming you are using Win)


          - Get the Fb installer, locate the top level folder containing Set-up.exe

          - Now open the command prompt with "Run as administrator" mode

          - Go to the folder containing the Set-up.exe

          - Now run the Set-up.exe --mode="silent" to repair the Adobe Application Manager.


          If problem persists, share the logs %temp%/PDApp.log