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    EmotionalStone Level 1


      Is it possible to use Premier Elements 8 to create DVD's with the option of subtitles? And what about more than one language?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That's a hard feature to come by in all but professional DVD authoring apps, Anthony.


          You can do it with Adobe Encore -- but that's only available as a bundle with Premiere Pro at nearly a thousand dollars.


          You can also do it with DVD Architect Pro, which is part of the bundle with Sony's Vegas Pro, for about half that cost.


          But you're not going to find an under $200 program that can do it. sorry.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve points out, Subtitles are available from pro-level authoring apps. Two others are DVD Studio Pro and Sonic Scenarist.


            The closest that one can do without such an authoring app. is to do Lower-thirds Titles, which will be burned into the Video. These are NOT real Subtitles, though the user might not know the difference. The biggest difference is that you cannot Import a Subtitle file, and these cannot be turned-on/off by the user. The same goes for CC (which is very similar, though different to Subtitles).


            Good luck,



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              Alexander Kochetov

              A cheap (free !!!) way to add subtitles to DVD exists.


              DVD Flick is an Open Source program which can make DVD with several subtitles, audio tracks with possibility to switch between them.

              But nothing is perfect in our world. With this program you have no way to create a decent menu :-(((


              Good luck to all

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                That's a great find, Alexander! I'd love to hear how well it works and see the results!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  What is the format used for Menus in this program? Might be a workaround someplace.


                  Thanks for pointing that out. As I use Encore, I do not search for other authoring apps, as Encore does all that I ever need.





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                    Alexander Kochetov Level 1

                    Steve, Bill!

                    I am very glad to say something useful to the gurus of video editing.

                    Actually I used DVD Flick only once. In my project I used two sound tracks and one subtitle file and no menu at all. DVD Flick is an authoring tool. All video and audio editing must be done beforehand in PE8 or some other video editor. Menu creating capabilities of DVD Flick are very close to nothing. Something like triangles with text on a colored or black background. Forget all these bells and whistles like animated background with fun buttons. BUT …

                    You can add several sound tracks and subtitles. This program support many video, audio and subtitle source formats. Subtitles can use any font installed on the computer so you can create DVDs for example with traditional and simplified Chinese characters and switch between them using your remote control during playback. You can change the color of subtitle and choose the place on the screen where they appear during playback.

                    Of course, all that and much more can be done in Adobe Encore. This information is for those home video enthusiasts who can’t afford (or do not want to spend) much money for the work which needs to be done only once or twice.

                    Steve, you want to see results. To see the possibilities of DVD Flick you must have a final product – DVD ISO image or TS_VIDEO folder. There are two problems. First – I’ve got ADSL connection to the Internet, and receive data at rather high speed but sending data is a problem. So I can’t show you my current results. I can create very short test DVD. And here is my second problem. If (and when) I create my test product where and how can I place it.

                    Sorry for my English.

                    Always yours,

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Wow, I thought that the English was great!


                      Thank you for the info. As I use Encore, I have to admit that I do not go out and try many other programs. Only others that I have used were an older Sonic Scenarist and DVD Studio (non-Pro), but Encore does it for me. Your rec. will be very helpful for others, who do not need to spend the big-bucks for PrPro + Encore, Sonic Scenarist or DVD Studio (either version). It is always great to have free, or inexpensive solutions to problems. I'd keep this link in my bookmarks, as true Subtitles come up about 2x per year.





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                        Nash_John Level 3

                        DVD Styler is another good option using which you can create interactive menus, customize or create your own menus, add multiple subtitles, and a lot of other things


                        Check out the following link:


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