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    How do i create a shape gradient ?

    Chorale0001 Level 1



      I once knew how to make this but i forgot, and even googleing it is not helping me to find my answer.


      I want to create a circular arrow doing a 270 degree, but i want to have a gradient that goes from the outside to the inside of the arrow, following the shape of the arrow....


      So i know i have to duplicate the arrow a couple of time ( 4-5 time in my case ) then change the scale a little to shrink it, adjust everything, set the new color on each step and voila.


      And it is where i am stuck. So i have 2 question :


      1- Do i need to fill the arrow with the color, or do i use the stroke with an empty form ?


      2- What is the command and where do i find it ( i use CS4)


      I have tried the Mesh tools, but it just mess everything... or i forgot how to use it... either way.