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    netConnection/ netStream issue


      I asked a similar question in the Stratus forum, but was unable to get a response.

      I'm hoping that maybe someone here can help.

      Here's my problem:

      With the use of Adobe Stratus I'm trying to create a video chat.  I  can connect two flash instances on my own computer, but when someone  else uses the app, the two flash instances do not connect.  I do not get any sort of  errors, however, and am not exactly sure how I can debug this. I've  tried tracing various connection variables and everything seems fine,  but the app doesn't work.



      Users loading my flash app are  therfore not connecting to my netstream.  I am not sure what the problem is or if  the problem is with the netConnection, the netStream, or if its a cross  domain policy issue, etc.  Can anyone advise me on some good error  handling techniques for determining where the connection is being  blocked?


      Thanks in advance