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    embedded SWFs dont redirect back to main area at end


      Hi all,

      Bit of an issue here.

      I have a project with 33 slides, 6 of which are navigation access slides to the others, the other slides contain swfs that have been embedded. These swfs have come from seperate captivate 4 projects, published as Flash 7, AS2, BMP High (24bit), JPEG 100%, no Advanced project compression, no Compress SWF file option selected.


      The problem is when I publish the main project with the embedd swfs, at the end of the swf playing, it does not redirect back to the navigation pages.

      I have set the slides to jump to slide to get back, but this doesnt seem to be working. Im scratching my head here a bit - I wonder if its because I have published to Flash 7, Im using Flash 10.


      I get this in IE 8, and FF.


      Ive even noticed at times that it takes a while for the swf to actually load.


      These are all running locally, not from a server or website, and each swf files is about 1-2mb in size.



      Any help greatly appreciated. This is going live on Monday D: