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    Calling Activex


      Does anybody know if its possible to call external activeX controls. In particular, i have Skype4COM.dll file that i want to call from Flex, and send and receive some values from Skype.

      I hope somebody knows this.

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          Ogy, I have been asking the same question on this an the yahoo group. The answer I got is:
          No -- Flash does not support connecting to an OS file which the OCX would be
          Yes - go to www.multidmedia.com. they have a product (Zinc, maybe) which allows you to compile your SWF to an EXE and their libraries include one for Active X's (there are some restrictions as to the language the ocx is written in
          maybe -- How about communicating with the OCX via an application server (i.e. coldfusion running on jrun)

          So the simple answer is yes, no, maybe.

          Hope this help !