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    Help! Save to remote server has broken links to all images


      Okay, I (now) know this was a stupid thing to do - but surely there must be an easy way to rectify it...!?


      I usually 'PUT' the html files to the remote server, once they have been saved locally. But I keep getting frustrated with the uploading of all the dependency files, so... I 'discovered' the command 'SAVE TO REMOTE SERVER' and used this to save my html file directly to the server. I was asked if I wanted to update all the links - and I clicked YES (doh!)


      Now all my images and links are broken.


      I know it is just a single page - but it contains quite a number of links and images. Also, this page used a template and the image/links from the template within this one file are also broken. (The actual template file and all the other pages in the site are okay)


      'Undo' did not work


      Does anybody know a quick way to fix this?


      I am using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004


      MANY thanks in advance,