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    Please help my firend!i need your help!

    cai xun jie

      i am a chinese developer .as you see ,my English is very bad..


      i have some big problems this days.


      http://www.thetechlabs.com/tutorials/3d/create-in-flex-a-3d-image-gallery-using-actionscri pt-30-and-alternativa3d/


      go to this link , you will find a souce code which developed by flex.


      i have downloaded it and try to run it .But i really have much problem.


      i try do these steps:

      1 download source code.

      2 create a new project

      3 download the Alternativa 3D folders.

      4 properties -buildpath-add Alternativa 3D folders in project

      5 copy the code from sourcecode to the new project

      6 run appliaction






      1 import the project which i downloaded.

      2download the Alternativa 3D folders.

      3 properties -buildpath-add Alternativa 3D folders in project



      how can i do?

      i mean,when i want to run a appliaction which i downloaded  and need as3 folder like
      "green sock" or "Alternativa 3D"

      i dont know how to operate.

      could help me and tell me details.their have less                          tutorials in china.i should study from goole.but it is hard for me to read English documents.

      help me my firends,thank you

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          GordonSmith Level 4

          In the future, rather than just saying "failed", it will be more helpful if you explain exactly how it failed.


          When I tried it, I got compilation errors in Photo.as that the gs.TweenMax could not be found. Googling "gs.TweenMax" led me to the page




          where I downloaded greensock-as3.zip. This Zip file contained a SWC, greensock.swc, which I added to the project's 'libs' folder (alongside the Alternativa3D SWCs). This didn't fix the compilation error, so I checked the catalog.xml file inside greensock.swc (which is just a renamed Zip file) to see if there was a TweenMax class inside. There is, but it has been renamed to com.greensock.TweenMax. When I changed the line


              import gs.TweenMax;


          in Photo.as to


              import com.greensock.TweenMax;


          it compiled and ran. So there were two problems:


          1. The Alternativa libraries are relying on a free Greensock library that you needed to also have. (This was probably explained somewhere on the Alternativa site.)


          2. The Greensock library that Alternativa is expecting appears to be out-of-sync with the one available on the Greensock site.


          Gordon Smith

          Adobe Flex SDK Team

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            cai xun jie Level 1

            thank you very much!