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    Flex timeouts in long running tight loops

      Hi all. Fairly new to Flex but I have a fair number of other languages under my belt.

      I'm trying to develop an app that visualises a large amount of data that is beyond my control and not XML. So I embedded some example data and got into writing the visualiser. When I was done I started looking at the data parser/processor. I'm using URLLoaderDataFormat.TEXT and the complete event calls my parser.

      Now I was hoping to have the parser chug away updating a progress bar as it went then update the main display with the data when it was done. However, to my surprise the display locks solid while the parser is running and the whole thing times out after 15 sec (or up to 60 seconds if I extend scriptTimeLimit)

      I don't see any easy way to pass control back to the main app periodically. Short of chopping up the parser so it can be run in chunks via a Timer. I'm sure I'm just missing a critical flex concept. How would you approach long running parsers in flex2?