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    Show Surrounding Containers button grayed out


      Any reason that this button is grayed out in Flex 4?  I want to work on the layout of a page but this button is always grayed out.  I even tried just hitting F4 to see if it would work and it doesn't.

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          I am having the same issue.  Have used that extensively in Flex 3.  Why is it greyed out?

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            andrej770 Level 1

            Am I missing something?  Is there a reason no one, out of all the experts, has any explanation?

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              cheftimo Level 2

              Not only nobody has an explanation: Adobe likes to insult us. I went to the latest update of the Flash Builder 4 help and did a search for “show surrounding containers”. There is only one result in that search that addresses this; when you click on it, you end up looking at THIS THREAD in these forums! Really professional eh?


              I have a hunch it’s meant to be that way. I moved a couple of my FB 3 projects to Flash Builder 4, and the button works with those, which use SDK 3.5 or earlier. It does not work in any project that uses SDK 4.


              Adobe is better than the Nature Channel: look at the number and magnitude of the BUGS. Enjoy,



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                David_F57 Level 5



                All software have bugs, most in an order of magnitude higher than anything you see in the Adobe bug list.  The big difference with Adobe is they actually allow the public to see their full bug list and allow the community to participate in reporting on problems directly into the list.


                As for the grayed' out button, I can't say why it was removed/grayed for flex 4 based projects, my thoughts are  - consider an mxml skin then imagine enabling a button like that, all you would see is a disastereous array of 'rectangles all over your screen. To me this button is redundant but has been left there as part of the transition from flex 3 to flex 4.




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                  cheftimo Level 2

                  Yes David F57, I agree that all software has bugs and bugs are not limited to Adobe products. I have been using ColdFusion since it was Allaire ColdFusion and Macromedia programs since version 2 of Dreamweaver et al. If I didn’t like Adobe, I would have stopped using their products long ago and would not be bothering with these forums. So you cannot let bugs bug you and, after a while, one must learn to deal with them with a sense of humor – like Orkin does in the TV commercials.


                  Re the grayed out Surrounding Objects button, the issue was very recently added to the FB help; I think Adobe could do better than to point you to a 5+ months old forum post that has no answers (until last evening). Considering that all Adobe has to do is write one paragraph like the one you just wrote, that is just plain sloppy. I don’t think bringing it to their attention does any harm.


                  So have fun with the bugs; I do.



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                    David_F57 Level 5

                    hi Carlos,


                    I agree that at the moment a lot of work needs to go into the documentation(and making Adobe aware of that never hurts), mindless little things like 'why is that button there' or 'is this a flex 3 or flex 4 thing', needs to be dealt with. I see a lot of confusion with those moving from FB3 to FB4(especially due to the FB4 ability to deal with current and legacy SDK's) and without a more definitive 'why is it so'  that confusion can lead to a less appealing view of Flashbuilder.


                    I'm sure that as things calm down from the post-release frenzy of tracking public response to 'missed' issues that we will get to see more concise information appearing in the community help listings.



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                      This feature is not supproted in DV 4.  Please file a JIRA bug on this.