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    Form fields unaccessible in Safari & Firefox


      Hello Friends,


      I'm a husband and father of 3 grown daughters trying to finish a website for a friend, and I'm stuck on form problem.


      The form works fine in IE and Opera, but in Safari and Firefox, you cannot click 'in' any of the form fields.


      I'm guessing my inexperience with css may be an issue.


      I've tried to learn the answer by searching the FAQ's and videos on AdobeTV, Youtube, and Layers Magazine, but with no answer.

      That makes me think that it is a laughable thing and not worthy of a tutorial or tip posting on the places I've looked.


      Will you simply visit the link below and offer a diagnosis/fix.



      As I tell my daughters about researching answers for yourself and trying to learn from thier mistakes, I'm trying to do the same by searching online and in my Mastering CSS book by Greg Lewis and Stephanie Sullivan to earn the answer, so I'm thankful for you help.


      I'm using Dreamweaver CS4 on my Dell XPS 420.


      Thank you,

      Rob Cookenour

      Boones Creek, TN