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    Reader printing garbage characters


      Whenever I print using Acrobat reader default characters print as garbage, even when printing using "Print as Image".  Print preview looks fine but printer page shows mostly garbage characters.  For example, when printing the Sunday Crossword puzzle from the Washington Post the numbers in the gird print fine but the clues and things like Across and Down headers print with garbage characters.  This happens regardless of whether the document is printed from the Reader directly or from within a browser.  I've used IE8, Firefox and Chrome and get the same result.  The same problem exists regardless of which of my 3 printers I use (HP1020, HP Photosmart 8250, Brother MFC-3740W).  Same type of problem happens regardless of what pdf file I try to print.  Print preview always looks fine.  Printing the same files from my other PC comes out with no problem.  The problem system is running Windows 7 64-bit and problem only started recently, things used to print fine.