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    Save As Under File Tab problem?


      Hello, allo,

      I run seven sites and need to save the same htm file to all 7 when prices change. Even though the supporting files are in their respective directories,

      (images and templates) the "save as" selection does not respect the link information or synch with the images even when the same template is present too.

      What happens is the links change to point to the physical location of the files on the C: drive.

      any work around for this problem. DW4 is not doing what is being asked to do and makes the change to my code without permisssion. Try it you will see:)

      Oh-Rylee- not so lucky on this one- Would be a big time saver if it worked

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          If you are storing prices why not use a database that they can all connect to.  Then when you update one database everything updates.

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            ohrylee Level 1

            Thanks for input. The price changes occur infrequently - Norton/ Symantec software. Not a lot of sku's to make a database plus page is flowery and does not need to be searched on by the user. Links connect directly to Norton. Now I make the changes on one page and "Save as" to the others but my button links fail. It is curious CS4 would make the change from images of the link in the actual link box in html. In view it works fine but on site buttons are not visible?