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    File issue

    Luban22 Level 1

      Hi there,

      I am creating a website that has links to flash animations. i have created a folder called flash in the root folder and copied the relevant .fla, .swf and the  .mp3 files into that folder. the animations are working fine but the audio isnt.it all works fine in flash itself.any ideas?


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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Before I start I should say that you should cross-post this in the Flash forum as well if you have not.  More than likely the answer you are looking for is in the Actionscript code and from your description I would imagine it to be a path problem.  You should verify in your Flash file where the music is coming from if it is calling an external file and make sure the path is the same when you move it to your server.

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            jeremyluby Level 3

            I would use FireFox to diagnose your problem. Install an addon called Live HTTP Headers and then browse to your page.  It will tell you all the requests that your browser is making of the server, and then most likely you have the audio files getting a 404 response.  Then in your flash fix the pathing to the files.


            Hope this helps.