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    Support for using Digital Signatures


      I work in the legal department in a large company.  We are considering using Adobe's Digital Signature for our annual reports and financial documents.  However, I am unable to find how to get support on using such a feature.  Is using this feature pretty simple with Acrobat Pro v. 9?  I walked through the step-by-step features to initially set it up, but are there additional things I need to do to make sure the signature is completely secure? Do I need to purchase additional features or add-ons?  Is it possible to get someone to come to our company and provide a training on this feature?

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          Using Acrobat Pro to digitally sign PDF documents is a very simple feature to use from an end user's perspective.  No extra plugins are required to have Acrobat generate a digital signature.  What you do need however is a digital certificate for each user, the certificate is used to create a user's digital signature.  Acrobat does not provide the ability to manage certificates, for this you require a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) from a company such as VeriSign or Entrust.  Here are Adobe's security partners:





          Are you looking to have end users sign documents?  Based on the types of documents you described, you may want to look into "Certifying" documents using Adobe's Certified Document Services.  You can get some more information here: