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    Colors in export don't match AI file


      I hired a logo design company to make a logo, and they did an excellent job.  They provided TIF previews of their work at each revision stage, but when I got the final AI file all the dark blue coloring was a light blue.  Every other file type they exported (PNG, JPG, PSD, etc.) had dark blue coloring, but both the AI and SVG vector files were different.  I opened the vector files in Illustrator and Inkscape to verify.


      The problem is they say that there's no way the AI file is different, and I don't know enough about Illustrator to figure out if they have some sort of color changing plugin or strange color pallette.  They want money to "fix" the file, but I'm afraid that their fix isn't going to look any better since it seems like they can't even see what's going on with their computers.  I've tried two clean installs on two different computers to verify that I'm not crazy =).


      Any suggestions?