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    cycle a precomp?


      Hi everyone


      This has been bugging me for days... I cannot understand how to make a very simple animation cycle.


      Here is my process so far...


      I have a cartoon character that I drew on paper and scanned and then modified in photoshop. It is a simple 3 drawing cycle. She is comprised of one drawing with her right foot forward, one with both feet side by each, and one with the left foot forward. In other words, it is a very crude walk cycle. I simply want to created a composition of her 3 drawing walk cycle and be able to loop that for an undisclosed amount fo times, so that I can re-use her walking in several little scenes.


      In FLASH i simply take the three drawings i would have made as vector are and turn them into a symbol that loops. Very straight forward and easy.



      After hours and hours of lookin at all these types of looping tutorials I can't get my head around the expressions.


      IInterpreting footage doesn't work for everal reasons. A I want to be able to change the drawings or update them if/when i update the original psds.

      I also do NOT want each drawing to merely represent ONE frame of animation. I want each drawing to appear for 3 frames, thus making a 3 Drawing cycle last 9 frames. Other wise the animation looks like it's been on fast forward.


      My question is, how can i turn my precomp into a realy cycle.


      Any helo is greatly appreciated... I only wish I knew of a way to help anyone else on this forum...