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    Contoured cut lines?



      I am printing a set of stickers onto vinyl and need to put an outline /cut line around the images 2mm thick.

      The printer will then print the image and cut the outline.

      Just wondering how this is done.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Combine all objects into one using pathfinder commands, then use an offset stroke. Make sure the die cut lines are a separate layer/ ink/ color separation. Also, on your color document, make sure you add calibration crosshairs. Ideally, there should be one that matches the laser cutter's zero position and several otehrs scattered near each contour. For specific stamping die cut requirements, ask your printer. These can vary hugely from machine to machine bast on how the stamping plates are mounted.



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            JETalmage-71mYin Level 3

            There is not one specific way to do this. It depends on the specific software/hardware you are using, which you have not defined. If you're using a service, consult with them for specific instructions. If it is your own hardware, consult the documentation.


            For example: One common type of device for this is the family of large format printer/cutters from Rowland Digital. Those are glorified inkjet or resin ribbon printers built into a knife plotter. The knife plotter operation is typically driven by HPGL commands. A separate software, which may either be a driver supplied by the manufacturer or an entirely separate third-party software, basically imports either .ai or .eps files, translates the Bezier curves to HPGL and sends the commands for cutting to the device. Some criteria is used by which to distinguish the path(s) intended for cutting from those intended for printing. Sometimes, that's a specific spot-color assigned to the cut paths in the original artwork file. Sometimes, it's a selection made in the third-party software by the operator. (In such a printer/cutter solution, there is no need for registration marks to register the cut line to the printed content.)



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              Paste3366 Level 1

              Thanks this seams to have worked, will talk to the printer re specific cut requirements but you have got me a whole lot further.

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                Paste3366 Level 1

                Hi, thanks for the info the printer is a Roland XC-540, will defiantly have to talk to the printers re the criteria to distinguish the cut paths, but was hoping if I had the cutline I wanted their design time in general would be less.