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    making arcs of a circle



         i've been stuck on this for about two hours now.  I'm trying to make a 14 degree arc of a circle with a specific radius.  I'm not using the built-in arc tool as I have no idea what kind of convex/concave slope I need.  Instead, I'm trying to just draw the circle, draw two lines that have an angle of 14 degrees between them, and then remove everything but the portion of the arc that's bounded by the points of intersection of the lines and the circle.


      I've made the circle, created two lines 14 degrees apart that intersect with the circle, but no matter what I do I can't seem to isolate the 14 degree section of the arc.  I've tried adding anchor points and then selecting "cut path at selected anchor points," which might be working (though I have know way of knowing how, as the display never changes), but when I try to select the section of the arc, it just selects the whole circle.


      when I just add an anchor point on the circle (where it doesn't intersect with the line) and then "cut path" I can then group-select the two separate sections of the arc... but when I try to do this with the point of intersection, I can't manually add a new anchor point, as the endpoint of the line is already an anchor point, and if I try to extend the line past the circle and then add an anchor point at the intersection and then "cut path" it just cuts the line in two, not the circle.


      any suggestions?


      help much appreciated...


      thank you

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          Hi there,

          try using the scissor tool... select the circle, make sure it's sitting above the lines of intersection. Select the scissor tool, it's under the knife tool I think, anyway it's a pair of sissors. position the sissors over the intersection and click it to ad a node. Do the same for the other side and then simply select the unwanted portion and delete.


          If that doesn't work - take two asprin and call me in the morning.. LOL!.. I hope this helps!

          Warmest Regards


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            Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Here is another way...


            Create a circle

            create a line that falls across the circle

            rotate and copy the line at 14 degree increments

            Use the pathfinder>divide

            ungroup the circle

            select unwanted pie shapes and delete (you should be left with a single pie shape)

            use the point seletion tool and drag select the point you don't want and delete it (drag selecting will select two points, clicking on the point will select only one and will require repeating the process)


            You should be left with a 14 degree arc...

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              Just an addition to the first post: Smart Guides are your friend.

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                skunkwerk Level 1

                thanks Arty, that worked perfectly!