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    Problems with goToNetPage and AOL?

    Applied CD Level 1
      I’ve got a web link using the standard Director MX04 “go to URL” behavior. It works fine on every browser I’ve tried except AOL (I’m not sure about version, it’s my client’s machine). His AOL application throws a “file not supported” error, the integrated browser is never triggered. I looked at last year’s version of his project and noticed I used Buddy API’s baOpenURL instead … no biggie, I can switch him back (and comment it so I don’t remove it again next year) … but, I’m curious about the tens of thousands of disks we send out into the field each year using Director’s standard behavior. Anyone know if this compatibility issue is an isolated one (ie, is it just my client’s machine, just a particular version of AOL, etc…)? I tried Googling gotonetpage and AOL and only found 1 hit. For routine links we generally use Director’s standard behavior unless it’s a mailto link where we use Buddy API to avoid the annoying blank browser window. I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be better to use Buddy API in all cases.