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    Flash Version Issue


      Greetings All. I have Flash 10.0.45 installed on my system but the kuler website tells me I need Flash 10.0.12 or better. I've deleted my browser cache and even rebooted my system. My package manager even verifies that Flash 10.0.45 is in fact installed. Any ideas how to get this to work? I built several color schemes last week with no problems. Now I can't even get to them.

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          jmgartner Level 1

          Right-clicking on a flash animation showed "About Flash 9x" and set me on the course to figure out what was going on.

          Firefox Tools>Add-ons>Plugins showed Shockwave Flash version 9x even after installing 10x

          in Adept (Kubuntu Hardy Package Manager)

               purged flash-plugin-nonfree

               purged adobe-flashplugin

               reinstalled adobe-flashplugin

          Shockwave Flash version is now 10.0.45.x and the kuler site works again.