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    How to embed the swf in wordpress?




      I'm all new to this and just wonder, is this possible?


      I got a plugin for my blog, but need only one swf-file, not a hole folder with stuff.





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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          It's possible provided that your .swf doesn't have any linked resources (swf animations, videos, sound clips, etc).

          If all of your resources are embedded, then you can just publish your swf, and use the deploy-to-web version on your website.



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            Yeah it did at one point. I created several mini-apps hoping to embed them into my master flash site I was creating. However once I imported them using the import artwork feature and moved them to the stage they didn't publish right when I ran the app or exported it to a swf. I ended up removing them and building similar components within the master site.


            Seemed to work, not the results I had hoped for but still workable.