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    Extending Array or ArrayCollection for Charts Average

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      I need to draw an "average" line on a Flex line chart, I have seen an example on how to achieve this in here http://cookbooks.adobe.com/post_Drawing_a_horizontal_line_across_a_columnChart___-2041.htm l. But that trick doesn't work for me, since I have +1000 items and updating them all each time average changes doesn't seem to have a point also doesn't seem to have a point to have a dataprovider array that contains 1000 positions pointing to the same object.


      So what I think could do the job is to extend or implement some sort of array that allows me to set any length I desire and return always the same only element each time getItem(pos) is called.  I think that then that should be able to be passed to the lineseries as a dataprovider and it will force the chart to render an average line.


      Any ideas?


      thanks in advanced,