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    make definite castlib window active per lingo?

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      is it possible to make definite castlib window active per lingo?

      I'm writing specific tool for import media in director cast.
      Media is imported through xtra from director environment (menu Insert->Media
      lab Media->Photocaster). It reads Photoshop file and imports each layer from
      it as single castmember. (this procedure can be done through lingo,
      Photocaster is Tool Xtra for director)
      To do import I write following script on a button in first frame of my movie

      on mouseUp me

      go to "importedImages"

      alert "Now select menu 'Insert ->medialab Media->photocaster' and import a



      At this point program halts, and user can import PSD.
      My problem - it imports all pictures in cast, which is currently active
      I need to import it to specific cast (for example castlib 2).
      Is it possible somehow to activate specific castlib with lingo during
      runtime so that it window is opened and all next operations (import,
      creation of new castmembers) will be done with this, selected castlib?

      Thanx in advance,
      Any help will be appreciated