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    Newbie: Toolbar Button QuickPrint works not in Browser


      Hi all,


      does anybody know a solution for this:


      - wrote a javascript that adds a toolbar button with the following lines:


          cName: "atbToolButton1",           
      //    oIcon: oIcon,           
          cExec: "this.print({bUI: false, bSilent: true, bShrinkToFit: true});",           
          cTooltext: "Print without Print Settings dialog",           
          nPos: 0,       


      - the script is in the Javascript directory of the reader with the name config.js

      - it works great but only in the reader

      - when a pdf is opened in the browser my great script doesn't seem to work

      - I know that in the browser this is the activex plug-in


      Is it possible to have this toolbar button in the browser plug-in? And is there another place to copy to the script?


      Please help.


      Thanks for any help in advance.


      PS: I use the reader version 9.1





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          shilpi Aggarwal Adobe Employee

          Hi endi70,


          The solution that I found while playing around with Toolbars in Reader is as follows:


          1. Launch Standalone Reader and the "QuickPrint" toobar is there (as mentioned by you after copying the "config.js" to the JavaScripts folder.

          2. Drag this "QuickPrint" toolbar to the main application toolbar so that this toolbutton now becomes a part of the main aplication toolbar (see screenshot attached).

          3. Now, open any pdf in browser and "QuickPrint" tool button is also going to be there.


          Please note that I tried this with Adobe Reader 9.3.2 and IE6




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            shilpi Aggarwal Adobe Employee

            In fact, the tool button starts appearing just by refreshing/reloading the pdf in the browser.



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              endi70 Level 1

              Hi shilpi,


              thank you for your quick reply. Yes, it is like you wrote. I thought I have read that you can't drag this javascript toolbars to the "normal" other standard toolbars. But this was a mistake. In the menu there is now under Tools - configure Toolbar a new toolbar "additional programs" available and this can switch the quickprint toolbar. This is great. Thank you very much for your help.


              The only problem I have now is that I can switch on my quickprint toolbar but when I close the window and open another pdf in a browser IE seems to have forgotten that he should view the quickprint toolbar. I tried this with FireFox and here is the correct behavior. Firefox remembers that it should switch on the quickprint toolbar. But with Firefox I have another problem. I run Firefox with the Full Fullscreen Add-on. When the pdf is opend in fullscreen there is no way to close the window. So I search for an additional button "close". But there seems to be no function to close the current window where the pdf is viewed. In IE there is the correct behavior that the opend window is not opened in fullscreen mode. Does anybody know a way per javascript toolbar to make a button like "close current window"? Or should I open a new thread for this? Thanks for any help.




              PS: I now use Adobe Reader 9.3.2 and IE 8 or FF 3.6.3