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    subform assistance required please


      itemin order y/nremark#
      is the building structure in order?nA001
      are all the lights in working condition?nA002

      remark#description or explanation of remarkfollow up date
      A001the south facing wall shows large cracksjune 2010
      A002second floor light not workingmay 2010

      i want to create a ticksheet form to answer a series of questions, certain records (answers) might require detail - this detail i want to number in that specific place on the first form (CAN IT BE AUTO NUMBERED?) but the detail of the record needs to be on a separate form/page attached WITH the first form. Please assist with how i can go about achieving this.- much appreciated. In short - when the remark must be entered on the line, it should open the subform. (i know in Access database it can be done). Once again, much appreciated any assistance in this regard.