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    Installing older CS on third PC?




      I´m planning to upgrade to CS5 Master COllection ASAP. Untill now I have installed CS4 Design Premium on both my Desktop and my Laptop - as it is possible to install on two seperate machines. Now I want to buy a better laptop, but still want to have the opportunity to make things on the old one from time to time. Is it possible (and legal!!!) for me to install CS5 Master Collection on both my Desktop and my new laptop and then at the same time keep my installation of CS4 Design Premium on my old laptop? In other words - what does happen to the older versions ones has got - does they still worl as seperate products or is it only possible to have one suite running at the time, and after upgrading the older one will not work anymore?


      I gues a silly question, but I just wanna know before I start installing/uinstalling anything from my old laptop.


      Thanks in advance!