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    How to do Shining JPEG's ?




      Really new to Flash


      I have been following this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_lLmt2gw-0 which works fine, but how do I use a jpg instead of text to do this ?


      I start a new project with the dimensions of the jpeg needed, but unlike Photoshop, I can't seem to merge the Stage and Jpeg to be as ONE which i think would work with the tutorial.


      Any ideas please



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I can't assume I know what you are attempting to do between that tutorial and using a jpeg.  What purpose will the jpeg serve... the mask role or the masked object role.


          If the goal is to have a wave of shining move over the image, then I'd probably just create a white gradient rectangle, where the sides are alpha-ed to zero and the middle is alpha-ed to something still a bit transparent and just animate that over the image, masking it with a rectangle the same size as the image.

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            PaulWilko Level 1



            thx very much for your quick response


            Basically, I have an image that i want to just make shine just like the text does in that tutorial.

            Maybe it isnt possible ?

            Do you understand what I am after now ?


            I know i am a bit vague but dont know how to describe it better ;-)


            Thx again