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    File issue


      Hi there,

      I am creating a website that has links to flash animations. i have created a folder called flash in the root folder and copied the relevant .fla, .swf and the  .mp3 files into that folder. the animations are working fine but the audio isnt.it all works fine in flash itself.any ideas?


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          Harry Kunz Level 4

          So you're saying when you run the fla on your desktop it works including the mp3? But when you run the SWF file from the browser the mp3 does not? The mp3 file is the only external asset that does not work?

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            Luban22 Level 1

            Everything works fine in flash.when i run it in firefox the animations work but the audio doesnt.ive copied the fla, swf and the mp3 into the same folder. In flash the audio is imported into the flash library and put on an audio layer. would this have any thing to do with it?

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              Harry Kunz Level 4

              Why would you need to copy the mp3 to the folder along with the fla when the mp3 is already imported into the fla library? So you didn't use any method of loading the external mp3 during runtime? Then there shouldn't be any problem. Are you loading any assets during runtime into the SWF?

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                Luban22 Level 1

                The only sounds that are playing during the animation are the ones imported into the flash liabrary. i copied the mp3 file because when i just copied the fla and swf files it didnt work.