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    script batch processings




      I would like to execute some batch processings one after the other. Each batch processing apply to all image of a folder and execute a script with some suitable settings.

      As I have dozens of batch processings to execute, I don't want to execute each of them manually. I would like to execute a single script that executes all these procedures. I guess I have to write a javascript for that, but I don't know what to write...


      Thank you in advance for any help.



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          jugenjury Level 2

          I hope I'm understanding correctly. If not, I apologize.


          1. Create an action/actions for each batch process you wish to do.

          2. Create a javascript that will call each of these batch processes.

          3. Create an action that calls the script.


          For explanation, let's say that you have an action group named "Processing" and actions inside named "Batch 1", "Batch 2", "Batch 3", etc.


          Your code would look like this in its simplest form:


          doAction('Batch 1','Processing');
          doAction('Batch 2','Processing');
          doAction('Batch 3','Processing');


          You could also just create an action that calls all these other actions in order. Unless there is something specific that you need scripting for.