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    HTTP Streaming + AIR + memory consumption



      We've got system containing two components:

      - video server streaming video from attached cameras as HTTP stream, in FLV format

      - AIR application displaying this stream.

      Video player is based on OSMF Sprint 10. We create VideoElement like this:

      new VideoElement(new StreamingURLResource(url, StreamType.LIVE), new HTTPStreamingNetLoader());

      We display only one stream at the time!

      When we start application we can see that memory usage is growing really fast. What is weird: when we refresh video player (load null url, and load prevoius url again) used memory is released, and starts growing again... Another weird feature: when we look at Processes in Task Manager we can see that application memory usage is still the same (about 100-120MB), when total memory usage in system is growing! So we think that this memory must be used by AIR runtime environment (?) - we can't find better explanaition... We think that something is caching something... But what and where? How to fix it? Workaround is to refresh video every 5 minutes, but it can be annoying for final user.

      Do you have any ideas?





      PS. We use Windows 7, Flash Player 10, AIR 1.5.3, OSMF Sprint 10