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    C++ Runtime Error while starting AcrobatReader 9.3.0


      Hy there...


      I've got some nice little problems with the Adobe Reader 9.3.0. When i start it as a user with roaming profile, it crashes befor the splashscreen is shown. After update to 9.3.2 still the same problem. But only with users which have roaming profiles. i thought this problem was fixes in version 9.1.0....


      When i install the update with the user logged in, Reader now works. Now, login with another user on the same computer, it won't start. After installing the update with this user, it works...


      Anyone an idea?


      Fehlerhafte Anwendung AcroRd32.exe, Version, Zeitstempel 0x4bb82a58, fehlerhaftes Modul MSVCR80.dll, Version 8.0.50727.4016, Zeitstempel 0x49cc5361, Ausnahmecode 0x40000015, Fehleroffset 0x000046b4, Prozess-ID 0xfdc, Anwendungsstartzeit 01cae2b49922a1bc.


      thanks for help!