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    Remote hoste


      Hi All,


      I have a flex app that is hosted on my server. It runs  off an amfphp + mysql stack.


      I have had inquiries from potential  clients who want to "white label" the product. Part of this means that  they would want it to appear that the app is running off their server.  So their clients would login at www.theirsite.com instead of www.mysite.com.


      I  obviously dont want to give them the actual app...but are there ways of  letting their server redirect to mine without the user actually  knowing?

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          CrazyMerlin Level 1

          You could just build a loader. The loader would have no interface and would just embed into the page and load your app remotely. You would then set up a crossdomain file on your side to allow the SWF to be called.


          So basically you just give the other server a stub, which acts as a middle man.