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    Firefox 3.6.3 Adobe Reader 9.3.2 "The file is damaged and could not be repaired"


      I have a very small PDF file (193k), which has 4 pages. I can load this PDF file from my internet application inside a frameset when I use the browsers, IE7, IE8, Opera, and Safari (surprisingly). I cannot open this tiny PDF file with the PDF plugin in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. I let the page load and about two minutes later I see the alert "The file is damaged and could not be repaired."


      The file is not damaged because I am able to read it with IE, Opera, and Safari (surprisingly). Also, if I change the default application that PDF files use from "Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)" to the Adobe Reader, the PDF loads in the reader in a separate window.


      Here is a clue. If my PDF file has only one page, it loads. So it looks like a problem with multi-page PDF files in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


      Here is another clue. If I clear the offline storage in the Advanced / Network tabs, and reload the page, the PDF file displays properly. But the file is only 193k and I've clear the cache. So the cache is not full.


      I've tried reinstalling Firefox. I've tried reinstalling the Adobe Reader. I've tried deleting the nppdf32.dll in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins.


      This looks like a bug in the plugin. After the alert appears, and I click Ok, the browser just hangs. When I highlight the URL in the Address bar and click Enter, then the page loads fine and the PDF displays.