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    Adobe Flash Player Crashes


      I have this problem which I believe many other people has. Everytime I'm on a website which has some sort of flash content/flash game that needs you to load a high amount of flash files to your computer, it will start running slower and increase the CPU usage of the browser you're using, and later it will crash. It doesn't matter what browser I'm using, neither the version, It's any browser. When the flash content starts loading onto my computer those flash files will end up in my Temporary Internet Files folder (That is if I'm using Internet Explorer) and when it starts doing that it wont stop until you either close it down and start it up again or just keep on playing the flash game or viewing the flash content until it will simply crash. The only difference I know about the crash problem in each browsers is that in the IE browser, when it crashes it will recreate the pages which you were on before the crash happened, in Mozilla Firefox it will just crash and show no error messages at all, neither do IE so I have no idea why I got this problem.

      I haven't always had this problem. About two years ago my computer worked fine with no problems when playing flash in any browser. But now I don't know why it keeps on loading more and more flash content until it crashes. I thought it had something to do with the Temporary Internet Files folder, but now I see that it doesn't affect the flash player from crashing if the Temporary Internet Files folder is full or nearly. It's something to do with the CPU usage of the browser. The file size of the browser goes from 200 MB to 1 GB+ and makes it crash like if it was unable to load anymore files. Most people would probably say that It's because I need more RAM in my computer, but it was running fine two years ago so I don't see why it can't run smoothly again.


      Anyone got a solution for this? It commonly happens on flash games on Facebook like Farmville, any game with lots of flash content to be loaded.



      Using the latest Adobe Flash Player 10 version (not beta).

      I'm running WIndows Vista Home Premium SP 2

      Intel Core2 Duo CPU   P8600  @ 2.40GHz  2.40GHz

      4,00 GB RAM

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, Is your OS a 64bit? Also, you may want to check your Flash folder to see what files are installed.


          Other than IE and FF, do you use any other browser?  Add ons and plug-ins can affect the browsers also.



          Do you use a realtime Anti-Virus/Spyware program, and scan your system on a regular basis?







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            msldk Level 1

            My OS is a 32bit.

            I'm really not sure where the Adobe Flash Player folder is, is it C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Flash Player\AssetCache ? If so, it had 12 files inside and I don't know what they are so if I have to delete any of those, tell me please.


            I have tried using Google Chrome but it crashes the same was as Firefox with no crash error showing. I did try run Firefox and Internet Explorer with no add-ons turned on.


            My Anti-Virus is ESET Anti-Virus, I've been using this since I got my laptop three years ago and I haven't been changing anything in the settings.

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              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

              Hi, thanks for the info. The Flash folder is C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash   Right click on the Flash folder and post back all files listed there. The IE files will have their version numbers listed. The Firefox or "other browsers" will not.

              You will need to right click and Open the NPSWF files and click on Properties to obtain the version numbers.

              I will need all files listed, those with version numbers and those without.


              Then Using IE, go to Tools>Manage Add Ons or All add ons and find Shockwave Flash Object..ActiveX Control...Flash10e.ocx (this is version, and it needs to be Enabled. Post back that info.


              Then use FF and go to plug-ins and find SWF version and it also must be Enabled. If there are more than one listing of SWF or if the version number is different I need to know that also.


              Eset I have read up on and seems like it is one of the better programs. One thing I liked about it, you had choices.







              Oh, what version of IE are you using?

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                msldk Level 1

                Files found in C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash :












                In  IE -> Tools -> Add-ons :


                Shockwave ActiveX  Control     11.5.6

                Shockwave Flash Object


                In FF -> Tools -> Add-ons -> Plugins :


                Shockwave Flash / 10.0 r45

                I'm using Internet Explorer the latest version 8

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                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                  Hi, thanks for the file info. Your Flash files and the plug-in for FF are all correct. The Flash files for IE are also correct.


                  The issue is the Shockwave Flash Object add on for IE, it is an old version. I would think you would be getting requests

                  from websites to update Flash Player.


                  You shouldn't be having any problems with FF however, since all Files are correct. How is youtube using FF, or other sites with videos?


                  Are you using any ad-block or pop up blocker software?


                  I'll give you the link so you can delete that old add on in IE.


                  Do you use Skype, any Toolbars installed?





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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Here is the link that will give you instructions to remove that old version of Shockwave Flash Object:


                    http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/Internet-Explorer-add-ons-frequently-asked-que stions


                    Click on "Can I delete Add-Ons or ActiveX Controls?" and then follow the directions.


                    You should use the Administrator account for this.






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                      msldk Level 1

                      I am using Ad-Block in Firefox but the problem still happened before I had Ad-Block installed.


                      I don't have any toolbars on Firefox but in Internet Explorer I got a few but they don't mean anything since IE was clean when I started having the problem.


                      I tried doing the steps to delete my old Shockwave Flash Object in my IE Add-Ons but when I open the More Info the Remove button isn't active so I can't delete it. I noticed that it shows two Remove from all websites buttons, but the one on the right should be Allow, I don't know why It's showing it like that, must be a bug.

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                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                        Hi, I don't know why you can't remove that SWO, but if you can't we'll check something else. Using IE, go to Tools, click on Internet Options, click on Settings, then click on View Objects. Right click on Shockwave Flash Object (old version) and when the small window opens, if you have a choice to Update,  do so. I don't use IE8 so am not sure if you have that choice or not. If you don't have a choice to Update, but to Remove, then do that. If you can Update, then Reboot when finished.


                        Since you have the correct Flash files in FF and the correct SWF, let's see what can be done using FF. Clear your temp. files, disable ad-block and go to youtube and post back what happens when you watch a video. Note any messages, etc.

                        Check your CPU usage also.


                        Then try to play any game on any website OTHER than Facebook/Farmville and see what happens there.



                        Also, what is the version of Eset that you have installed? Anti-Virus only or with their Firewall?







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                          msldk Level 1

                          Thanks for the help. The problem was caused by the old Shockwave Flash Object in my Internet Explorer. I followed your steps and updated Shockwave and now it doesn't seem like I get any kind of problems with high CPU usage anymore. I think it was the Shockwave Flash Object that got corrupted when I had my Internet Explorer reinstalled about two years ago. But now It's fixed, thanks a lot for spending your time helping me.

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                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                            Hi msldk, Well, I'm glad you were able to update it. Actually, I am not surprised at the results of doing that. I am surprised

                            however that you could do it.


                            If you have the time, would you post back and tell me exactly how you accomplished that? There have been so many users that I have given those instructions to and they are unable to even Remove that ActiveX, let alone Update it.


                            Now anyone using IE6 I know can do that. But users with IE7 or IE8 have never been able. They can only Enable or Disable.


                            You are the first person that I know of that have been able to do that.







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                              I am curiously reading these

                              posts as I had the same problem over the weekend. I was on the Forum

                              trying to find out something. I finally updated my

                              FireFox browser and that supposedly fixed the problem.

                              NOT!! I haven't been on that computer since Sunday. It

                              is at our lake house but I will be back on it Friday night. It is very

                              annoying when it crashes. So I am anxious to try some of the

                              things that I am reading. I, too, was running XP, Firefox and flash player. I updated

                              the Flash Player, actually uninstalled and redownloaded, then updated FireFox.

                              It did not fix the crashes. Hopefully these tips will help.

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                                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                Hi, hopefully some of these procedures will be helpful to you. However, if you have updated Flash Player to the version 10.1, there are a few things that are different with this version. You updated FF(Firefox) to the 3.6.6, which is one, so that's good. Now the feature hardware acceleration which is in the 10.1 is turned ON by default. It is causing problems for many users. I'll post a link to a thread where you can read on what to do with that. Then the next thing to do is update your grapic and video drivers.


                                Checking on those Flash Player add ons is needed also as with the vs


                                Following are a couple of threads to view. The first one has a screenshot of the Display Setting which you'll see when you follow Post #16.  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/660726?tstart=0 Even if you have no problem with youtube, follow that suggestion anyway.





                                Have you Installed Flash Player in IE also. Also you may want to post back your version of IE and edtion of XP with service pack.





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                                  Janzjax Level 1

                                  I have not tried IE and flash...I primarily use

                                  FireFox but I will try it. I have IE8 and XP

                                  Professional/ Service pack 3

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                                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                    Hi, thanks. Here is the Flash Player Installer for IE that you download and SAVE to your Desktop. Then close all browsers,

                                    be sure to run as Administrator, Run the Installer from your Desktop and when it is finished, Reboot(restart) your computer.







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                                      O YEAH

                                      Was loosing my mind for days over this. And now i know it is pure adobe fault. Right now im running Adobe Flash non IE.

                                      Sure this version contain bugs, but at least i can browse the net, watch videos and my computer does NOT crash when videos close. Im happy

                                      Waiting for adobe team to fix problems before i update


                                      So far i thought it is my GPU card and cos all ppl talk about HW problems... *********

                                      The only other problem that could be is video divers that need a fix or at least in my case ATI team should fix the problem if adobe flash is realy using functions for drawing video in proper way.


                                      Adobe flash is not the only app that produce this error on closing a video. Also Media Player Classic - Home Cinema - Video Player produce the same crash, but only when HD video is TOTALY accelereted on GPU and CPU is used only 1-2% playing 1080p video.


                                      My guess is: New Adobe Flash is using real GPU acceleration and it fails when unloading


                                      Also it was too hard for me to find old flash on Adobe's page, so google found it for me...


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                                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                        Hi, here you go: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14266.html  All vs are in there, all you have to do is pick your OS.


                                        Here is the link for information on the hardware acceleration, what it does, what is needed to use it and system requirements: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/help01.html


                                        Mozilla Firefox updated to 3.6.6 and this link explains why people were having problems with Firefox 3.6.4 and the reasons for it: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/The+Adobe+Flash+plugin+has+crashed?s=plugin+timeout&as =s



                                        Some of this information has been available on the Adobe site since Flash Player 10.1 was released on 6/10/10; Mozilla Firefox update since June 27, 2010. A thread was put up on this Flash Forum within a day of Mozilla Firefox updating, entitled "Firefox 3.6.6 Released"


                                        Other browser users will need to comply with the instructions in the hardware acceleration documentation.


                                        The Flash Forum has been discussing the 10.1 for 19 days also.






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                                          eidnolb...I have received help from someone else in these forums who does not have the patience, polite manners, or it would appear expertise that you do. May I commend you for your time and effort in helping the forum users, I will be carefully reading through your posts above to see if I can finally solve my Flash crash issues....ty

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                                            I have the same problem.


                                            It just started to happen.


                                            Please help

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                                              adobe flash will soon be obsolete thanks to  HTML5 in another year or so .  thank GOD! flash player  is always crashing.  it used to work pretty good but it seems like the more updating they do to it the worse it gets.


                                              people on these forum immediately tell you to check this and check that, update this update that.. when in reality its just a poor program that's crashing. it's not your computer.  my advise is to just deal with it for a little while longer. it's death date is approaching and you will no longer need to download adobe crash player.

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                                                pwillener Level 8

                                                And where will you go for HTML5 help...?

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                                                  serpentracer Level 1

                                                  it's not your computer no matter how many of these guys try to convince you of it.  I have 4 computers running a few different variations of windows xp, vista, IE8, firefox and linux running firfox and chrome.

                                                  adobe flash crashes on all of them.

                                                  the only time adobe flash has never crashed is on youtube.

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                                                    After days of finding no solution, today was the last straw. Adobe flash carashed at least 20 times @ photobucket


                                                    I have uninstalled all adobe software on all my computers, well 2 to go yet. What a relief not dealing with that anymore. Even got another pdf player.


                                                    If any sites are adobe flash only, i don't use it.......freedom at last

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                                                      Flash doesn't work but only with facebook game Farmville and lately, facebook videos posted. You said to delete flash folders so I did. I have latest version Chrome, flash, Firefox, also Windows Vista 8, 32-bit, and flash crashes with each , used to be only on opening, took 2 minutes as kept getting popups"a plug-in isn't working" or"Flash isn't working on these pages- wait , or kill them?" I could still open  farm while live "chat" support waited , now it takes 15-30 minutes or more. A one-screen game,It opens in 4 full screens now,a full screen sky, 2 more empty, then farm, then empty, then tools others see from their  farms but i must scroll far to... and all items fill in slowly one by one. Any move I make makes screen turn white , won't reopen usually for hours of non-stop trying: if I plow, harvest, put item just purchased on farm, latter crashes instantly and when reopened , farm didn't save change, item back in gift box, over and over. Imp. parts don't show,any mesage fv sends to facebook "feed" from farm crashes me & stops message."Support' link always before  under farm splash screen missing over 8 days. I did all you said, every step, all things were already right, 'enable' where should be, etc. Only thing I have not done is clear  computer cache  ( I deleted all in flash cache) cuz my boss sends me copy to correct as email attachment so it has TIF (temp internet file) name and I'm afraid to change name.Is that obviously the problem, to you, or what can I do to play game i've put $100 a month into for 3 years!  My computer is divided for 2 users; last week I used other side for 1st time and FV worked great when I posted even, but then they'd send pop-up"you were named as one who can't post but you just posted. Please send report so we can know what you did before it posted  to help others." That would then crash it.Both FV and FB are too busy developing new attractions to fix old issues, said so in Wash post, didn't care if lost old clients cuz there are plenty of new ones .Please advise-is there instances of flash never working on facebook game? Is it irreparable,as I downloaded  new copies of latest versions, deleted old, still no playing? I seem to have 2 javas -same brand ,kind,etc-is that a prob? I also have about 2-3 flashes, 1 for global continuity or some such, which I switched settings to under your advice to work in firefox and IE and then things got worse. It had the letters you said the one I needed to use had-which of other two is the one to delete, neither gives any word of info about itself different to enable me to  I.D. older one. Maybe was same version. Please help- I am on 100% disability & terminal and sit all I can do, I played farmvile 10-15 hours a day. Please please help! At Halloween they let players "trick" my farm, turning animals "invisible" (green to match grass they were on, with no eyes or features just outline). It tok me 30 days to find 2 of them,and"clean up" or undo not on their menus anymore. Since, 7 other animals went green as soon as left my giftbox for farm cuz shared partial name of a green one (Tennese horse,foal; tourist  calf, cow) but we have 5 farms each and only turned green on farm that was tricked.  All the flash errors tho make me sure it's flash,do I delete all my flashes and download latest (only one) ; should I ensure it is one for global continuity? Must I clear cache? Is there anything else I can di?