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    Workspace Form Not Showing Up




      We're slowly moving people over to Windows 7 and using IE8.  I've found that when they are trying to access the ES workspace that the forms don't always show up when they choose a task from their worklist.  The fix that we have been using is to check off the compatability mode box in IE8 and the form seems to load fine, but it would be nice to know what is causing this in the first place.  I searched around these forums and on google but haven't found anyone having a similar problem.  Is there an known issue with the PDF forms not showing up correctly in Windows 7 or IE8?  



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          Robert Haché Level 2

          I'm using Windows 7 with I.E. 8 (not in compatability mode) with Acrobat 9 Pro and am not having any issues opening PDF forms in Workspace.

          I tried LiveCycle 8.2.x.  Which version are you trying?

          I have seen, sometimes, that when I open the form that the iFrame loads but no PDF.  However when I try again the PDF then displays.  Is that what you are experiencing?

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            JoelHH Level 1

            We're using Livecycle 8.2.x as well but with Adobe Reader 9.


            Yeah, it is where the iFrame loads without the PDF.  The tabs show up fine, but there is no form.  I have had it work on occasion without the compatability mode on, but it's far more often that it just does not load.  I haven't had this happen on my XP machine so I thought I'd look into it further.

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              Han Dao Level 1



              Was you able to fix the issue above on Windows 7 with IE 8? If so, can you please share the solution.


              Thanks, Han